About Us

Personalized Approach

  • Excellent vendor network allows rapid response to all requests

  • Flexible contractor and subcontractor support

  • Highly skilled in government contracting requirements

  • Adherence to prime contractor reporting requirements

Excellence & Professionalism

  • All personnel are maintenance qualified in accordance with a NAVY PMS 301 equivalent course

  • Vast experience

  • Completion of over 500 LCS Fleet Maintenance Requirement Cards

  • Complete Shipboard cleaning services, from the bilge to the bridge, in accordance with present Navy directives

Quality Guaranteed

  • Material & Component Shipping and Warehousing

  • Can fulfill a myriad of emergent customer needs

  • Turn Key Temporary Services (Air Compressors, Porta-Potties, etc)

  • Generators, Crane Services, Temp Office Space, and more



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